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3d Models

3d Models

The Main Gate

A magnificent gateway, which is located on the south side of the Castle leads to the main entrance of the site and then into a courtyard.


General, Author, Statesman, Hero of the Greek War of Independence (1797-1864).

The Underground Building

The “Underground Building” -a building, that was constructed under the level of the ground.

The Holocaust Memorial

Τhe Holocaust Memorial of the Jews of Arta, which was erected in 2004, reminds the whilom existence of the flourishing Jewish Community of Arta.

The Palace of the Despots

The ruins of a large Byzantine Building (estimated dimensions 45,5x11m.) are located at the center of the Castle, which is the highest point.

The Coat of Arms

In the Castle’s Acropolis, there is a coat of arms engraved on a well. It belonged to Carlo I Tocco (1372-1429).

The North Gate

The North gate of the Castle is rather small and is located inside the tower Π10 of the walls.

The Castle of Arta

One of the most impressive and well-preserved Castles of Greece is the Castle of Arta, which stands majestically on a low hill at the northeastern side of Arta, near the river Arachthos

The Acropolis of the Castle

The Acropolis of the Castle is located in the southwest corner of the walls, just after the main gate and its gate is further protected by a bulwark.