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The Main Gate

A magnificent gateway, which is located on the south side of the Castle, between Towers Π19 and Π1, leads to the main entrance of the site and then into a courtyard. It has an opening of about 4m. long and of 4.2m high with a U-shape plinth crowning. Its current form is a result of modern times’ retrofitting. In Byzantine times, the “Main Gate” was larger and possibly ended up in a different of crowing. The traces, on which this opinion is based, can be seen at the external side and are about 1m. higher than the current arch. It is protected on its left side by a Byzantine rectangular tower Π19, which was modified during the late ottoman era and on its right side by the semi-circular tower Π1.

During the 1960s, various interventions at the “Main Gate” were made, most likely based on the surviving traces of its original form.