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The Acropolis of the Castle

The Acropolis of the Castle is located in the southwest corner of the walls, just after the main gate and its gate is further protected by a bulwark. The oldest phase of the Acropolis dates to the mid-Byzantine period, while significant modifications were made during the late Byzantine era and the Ottoman period.

Nowadays, three buildings are preserved inside the citadel, a large one on the north side, a small one opposite the gate and another small underground building on the east side, which possibly was operated as a prison and it is believed that general Makriyannis (1797-1864) was imprisoned there in 1821. Ruins of a byzantine building are also preserved on the south side. Today the acropolis appears as a fortified stronghold, yet certain features, such as the many windows, indicate that during a time in the late byzantine era, this ensemble included secular buildings, possibly the ruler’s courtyard.

The Inner Acropolis of the Castle of Arta, aerial view.
Τhe East side of the Inner Acropolis