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Zoom bilateral partners’ meeting of the project HERMES

On 29th September 2020, took place the Zoom bilateral partners’ meeting of the project HERMES. The participants of the meeting were representatives of the PB2-Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and PB5-University of Ioannina. The participants of the zoom meeting discussed about the activities of WP3 and WP4. In particular:

  • A main topic of discussion was the target scouting actions aimed at the selection of people that will be involved in the theatrical laboratories foreseen in WP4. Both Greek and Italian children,students and adults will participate in the laboratories.
  • Due to the fact that the WP4 activities of PB2 and PB5 should be connected, the partners exchanged information about their plans on how they are going to organise their activities.
  • Partners, also, discussed about the crossborder theatre lab, in which 5 Greek and 5 Italian new talents will participate.
  • Prof. Stylios (PB5) proposed in the next period to define the dates of the labs and the theatre shows.
  • Manosperta (PB2) will prepare a draft of the schema that will be followed for the organization and conduction of the labs, and Prof. Stylios kindly asked him to share the corresponding file, to follow a single line in the organization of laboratories.
  • The partners agreed to arrange virtual meetings among the trainers of the laboratories, to discuss and organize the common activities.