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University of Ioannina

Address: Kostakioi, Arta
Brief info

The University of Ioannina (UOI) is a higher education institution at the forefront of scientific knowledge, technological research and innovation in Greece for over 50 years with a proven international record in excellence and the management of EU projects. UOI is a self-governing body supervised by the Ministry of Education. The institute’s activities are supported by its full time highly qualified personnel, staff members (500) most of them holding MSc / Phd & high-quality expertise in EU projects for regional development.

UOI is a multi-faceted institute that assists in the development of sources for new technologies & a driver of economic development not only for Epirus, but also for Greece & Europe. UOI accumulated a great experience from previous projects in the areas of Higher Education & Training approaches; Natural & Cultural heritage; Development of Geo-Informatics & Environmental devices (including GIS & WebGIS development); Design & Development of IT Applications promoting cultural/touristic content (including Cultural content digitization; Creation of thematic routes & interactive maps using GIS; Creation of Data Bases; Development of web portals).

UOI also has created a strong network of collaboration with all the local & regional authorities & key stakeholders (business associations, chambers of commerce & the tourist & cultural industry sector).

Projects by University of Ioannina

One of the most beautiful and well-preserved Castles of Greece is the Castle of Arta, which stands majestically on a low hill at the northeastern side of Arta, near the river Arachthos and is a representative sample of medieval physiognomy of the town. The location…

In the center of the Castle, there are the ruins of a large Byzantine building. The surviving part of the building is gamma shaped and its southern part is preserved at a sufficient height of 4m. The formality of the structure and its rich decoration…

The inner acropolis “Outs Kale”, located on the southwest side of the Castle, to the left of the main gate, the last stand of the defenders in case of siege. Within the acropolis, there are three buildings. A large one on the north side, a…